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Realing Him In: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy

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Mr. Right is a myth… Or is he?


Well, what if I told you that finding true love and YOUR Mr. Right is not just a fantasy, but something you can actually manifest into reality? In this fun and interactive guidebook, filled with entertaining and effective exercises inspired by the Law of Attraction and personal experience, Becky Ringler (aka, “The Love Sensei”) will not only help you recognize and appreciate your incredible qualities, but also teach you the magic of manifesting love, making your Mr. Right so real and vivid that he is actually “realed” right into your life! 


Whether you've been single for an extended period, gone through a divorce or loss, or are just starting to navigate the dating scene, let this book be your empowering companion, guiding you to see yourself for the amazing catch that you are and helping you attract your perfect partner!


So grab this book, and get ready for an exciting adventure… Your soulmate is out there, let’s not keep him waiting!


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