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In addition to her own personal dating experiences, which spanned over 18 years and across the globe - from Upstate NY to Chicago to Japan to all over Europe to NYC and finally San Francisco - Becky was a licensed Marriage and Family therapist while living in California (now on inactive status), where she ran Singles' Playshops, and is a professional coach and owner/operator of Simple Kona Beach Weddings on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she lives with her husband, Matt.


Becky holds a Master's in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Bachelor's in Communications from Northwestern University.


She is also a graduate of Peak Potentials Training, Quantum Leap, All Access Plus, with T.Harv Eker, which included three years of intense business, professional trainer, personal development and leadership skills training.


Education and Training:

About Becky Ringler- aka The Love Sensei

Hi there! I'm Becky Ringler, aka The Love Sensei. I have a passion for helping people find and keep their perfect mate!


How did The Love Sensei come to be?


Honestly, I spent over 18 years dating - online and off - with long term and short term relationships, and a plethora of experiences - good and bad, funny and seemingly tragic - before I finally married my soulmate and sweetheart (whom I met online, FYI), Matt, in 2008.... And I learned a LOT, and continue to learn and grow as our marriage does.


For years, as a friend and as a licensed marriage and family therapist, and now as a professional coach here on the Big Island of Hawaii, I found myself constantly giving dating and relationship advice and assistance.


After years of various careers and entrepreneurship, I finally decided to put all of my personal experience and professional know-how into use to help women (and men), find, attract, and/or keep their perfect mate!


My goal is to help you through coaching and other resources, combining Law of Attraction principles with common sense and usually humorous (and true) stories.


Dating and Relationship Coaching is there to offer personalized support in your dating and relationship adventures, and to help you find and keep the most loving relationships for you! I know I could have used someone like me (who could offer an outside perspective) when I was dating or in my relationships!


I am SO glad you are here! Please pick up a copy of my book, Realing Him in: The Essential Guide for Manifesting Your Perfect Guy by going HERE.  


If you are interested, please awesome newsletter list, chock full of fun stories, reviews, recommendations, and surprises!


Much Love, Light and Happiness!


*Becky Ringler*

simple kona wedding - becky and matt_edi

Me with my husband, Matt, on our wedding day!

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