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Recommended Reading


The books below (in addition to the books I've authored myself) are books I've personally read, and have positively affected my life and thought processes. May they do the same for you!


Exciting News: My first book - Realing Him In: The Essential Guide for Manifesting Your Perfect Guy - is due out shortly, and you can get on the list to be one of the first to know when it's available for pre-sale by clicking the blue button HERE:



Exciting News!


My first book, designed for women who are looking to finally find their own Mr. Right, is now available!

Recommended Reading

Realing Him in
The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy

Realing Him in :   The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy - is fun and interactive guidebook, complete with entertaining and effective exercises based on the Law of Attraction and personal experience, Becky Ringler (aka The Love Sensei) will not only help you realize and celebrate the amazing catch you are, but will also show you how to make your Mr. Right so real that he has no choice but to be realed right into your life!


Whether you’ve been single longer than you would have liked, divorced, widowed, or just starting out in the dating scene, if you are ready to take some empowered action to bring YOUR perfect guy into your life, this book is going to help you do just that. So grab your journal and get ready to have some fun! Your perfect guy is out there. Let’s not keep him waiting!


Other Great Recommended Reading

Here are some favorites by Noah St. John, the inventor of Afformations® - like affirmations, but formed as a question, making them less likely for your mind to reject:

Here is another favorite, another book that will help you with understanding how you can use your mind to help you attract whatever you are dreaming - like love!

This is a practical guide to dating in the modern world for those newly back in the dating scene. Excellent, practical advice! 

You can order it by clicking this link or the image below.

...And Many More to be Added Soon!

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