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In this intensive 8-week course, exclusively for women who are TRULY committed to making the internal change to get the external results, we are going to help you break through the things holding you back from "realing" in your Mr. Right, get clear on who you REALLY want - and how to get him - faster than you ever thought possible, while starting with the key - YOU. 


If you've ever tried to make these kinds of changes alone, you know that it's not as easy to stay on track as you thought, and (as you might have discovered) without someone else reflecting back to you the places where you may actually be standing in your own way and not even knowing it, the growth you desired takes a LOT longer, and the results vary...


Through weekly lessons, fun and interactive exercises, group sharing/Q&A calls, and online interaction, you will have more fun, and more support than you ever thought possible, while making a true internal life shift, which will give you all the tools you need, inside and out, to finally find and keep your Mr. Right! You and your love-happiness are worth it!




The 8-Week Course that Will Change

Your Love Life FOREVER.

(Hint: It all Starts with YOU.)

Acceptance by Application & interview Only!

Book an Interview HERE.
(Note: You will be REQUIRED to fill out a short appliation before the call. Calls scheduled without an application will be cancelled.)
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